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                          Easter Sunday 3/31/24           


It’s not a race, it’s not a ride, it's a Ripzy! 

The Ripzy was born out of a simple desire.  For bike shop coworkers to be able to all ride together.  Seems easy right?  But as many folks that have spent years working in 7 day a week retail shops know, that's often a lot easier said than done.  When the shop is open every day, some of the crew is always at the shop and therefore it's a rare occasion when everyone can actually get out together.  

                                       Why Ripzy?

  1. Have fun, engage with fellow industry professionals, enjoy the incredible riding the region has to offer.  

  2. Challenge yourself and each other.  Enjoy the scenery.  Enjoy some laughs, some silly fun and if you choose to participate, some friendly competition. 


Easter Ripzy 24 will begin and end in downtown Patagonia.  

Riders can choose either the 50 mile Lochiel Loop or the 30 mile Apache Road Loop.  

There will be 3 segments that we will be using for the super important, super competitive, super prestigious, super important (did I say important already?),  anyway it's super competitive and super prestigious, in addition to being super important, and it's the timed segments!!!  Oh that’s right!! 

 No fancy pro timing setups here, Stava your ride.  Bring those segment times to the officials table to be recorded and perhaps you too can go down in the Ripzy record books.  As a winner, as a champion, as a super important figure in the glorious annals of this esteemed event! 



  1. 50 mile big rip (tough bunny)

Big rip takes on the extra climbing and descending of Harshaw Ave between the junctions of Apache Rd and Duquesne Rd and includes the Enduro competition segments of the Ripzy competition.  From Lochiel the Big Rip route returns  up the San Rafael Valley before rejoining the Mellow Rip route for the descent back into Patagonia.  

  1. 30 mile mellow rip (easy bunny)

All the good vibes without overdoing the dosage.  Summit the Harshaw road climb, then enjoy the valley views from Apache road before cruising the descent back into town!  


50 miles 3,000ft of climbing
30 miles 1,700ft of climbing
50m group departs from the park in downtown Patagonia 8am.
30m group departs from the park in downtown Patagonia 9:30am.
Both groups arrive and meet up at intersection of San Rafael rd & Apache rd.  Approx 11:15am.
Everyone finishes the super fun 11 mile descent back into town together and enjoys lunch in the park! 


   The Ripzy Competitive Segments!  

KOM Competition
Segment Name:  Harshaw Climb Steep Finish
Length: .31mile  +109ft  average gradient 6.6%
Start: Mile 13.36    End: Mile 13.67

Sprint Competition
Segment Name: Cattle Guard to Duquesne Sprint
Length: .92mile  -52ft   Average gradient -1.0
Start: Mile 49.06    End: Mile 49.98

Let’er Eat Gravel Tribute to Enduro Competition
Segment #1 Name: Ridge Tank Descent with Hard Right Turn
Length: .69mile   -251ft   Average gradient -6.8%
Start: Mile 16.93    End: Mile 17.62

Untimed Climb Segment: Hoof It Real Good
Length .59mile   +216ft  average gradient +6.9%

Segment #2 Name:  Washington Camp Descent
Length:1.01 Miles -255ft average gradient -4.8%
Start: Mile 18.48     End:  19.49

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